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Hello! Thank you for vising our site! We appreciate your love and support, and hope to talk to you soon! Services provided include but are not limited to, Wedding Ordination, Modeling, Private Bartending, as well as CBD Retail Sales! As always, Sending love and light to you and yours!
- Team Indigo Soul

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“You are the hybrids of golden worlds and ages splendidly conceived.” 
― Aberjhani


  • often posses an "indigo aura" which previous to the 1970's was unseen in the auric field

  • also known as "star seeds", "healers", "light-workers", "old souls", and more..

  • have an innate sense they are "special", usually from early childhood

  • see only the best in others, thus they hold high expectations for others as well as themselves - always believing in "the best version of humanity" 

  • often question authority and established social norms - they see through anything they see as limiting or controlling

  • have a more active "third eye" (pinial gland) which allows them to "see through" already established systems

  • have psychic abilities, extrasensory abilities, and are highly intuituve and perceptive 

  • are highly creative and expressive - they enjoy art, music, and being in nature

  • experience high levels of synchronicity 

  • have a strong sense of interconnectedness 

  • often attract animals, butterflys, dragonflys, or other wildlife that would not typically approach others

  • are highly empathetic, and are often subsequently victims of abusive or narcissistic relationships

  • many experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and insomnia, to name a few

  • have an extremely high level of integrity, morals, and principals 

  •  are lost souls, always aware of their uniqueness, but unwilling to compromise or follow fads in the name of "acceptance" 

  • are extremely restless and often bored - since they are highly motivated and driven individuals, they often become frustrated by the "current state of things" both in the world, and in their own lives - they want to do big things and see the world move in a more positive direction! 

  • many struggle with finding their life purpose and staying on track

  • their purpose is to spread love, light, and consciousness while challenging and changing current societal constructs - paving the way for future souls to continue on this work 

  • love people, but often feel drained by being around others, and/or are highly sensitive to energy

  • often shy away from organized religion, but believe in the universe and a higher power

  • often attract other Indigos! 



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